Monday, January 16, 2012

LvZ - KevaD - The Zombie with the Flowers in her Hair

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The Zombie with Flowers in Her Hair isn't what the casual reader expects. Yes, there are lesbians and zombies, but the heart of the story is a purpose lost, and the young dead woman who will be called upon to make a difference in a world she never knew existed. That said, there's some really funny stuff in this book, if I do say so myself. 
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The hardest part of being alone is realizing you are.

1969 was a busy year for the young woman nicknamed Isis. She graduated high school, engaged in a lesbian relationship, died, and rose from the dead as a pot-smoking, flesh-eating zombie in need of a good orgasm. Yet, in death she ended up as alone as she had in life. But when a beautiful zombie with flowers in her hair forgets her sweet butt on a toilet seat, Isis's undead life will never be the same. Nor will it be one she could ever have envisioned, even on the wildest acid trip. Because for Isis, her true reason for life lies in her death.


Margie Church said...

Best wishes, David. I bought the book and look forward to reading it. It's on my Kindle already.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the release David. I'm looking forward to reading it. The few blurbs I've read have sounded great. I'm behind in everything lately hope all is going great for you and that the holidays went well. Michelle, shadow31071 (at) suddenlink (dot) net.

hairyougo65 said...

Well, as soon as I get it on my Kindle-----can't wait to read it.

Gabrielle Lee said...

I just love the title. Can't wait to check this book out. Congrats on the release.


David Kentner -- KevaD said...

I so appreciate your support and really hope you enjoy this off-beat tale.
Thank you!

Amber said...

Good luck with this book!

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hello, Michelle!

Thank you very much for the kind comments. I'm always tickled when you drop in.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hey, Margie (hairyougo65),

You're starting to get pretty good at this blogger thing. Looking forward to seeing you and Larry.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Gabrielle Lee!

Thanks very much for taking the time to stop by and comment. I really appreciate it.

J.S. Wayne said...

Happy release day, David! Hope it's a HUGE success for you!

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hi Amber,

Thank you!!

David Kentner -- KevaD said...


Thank you. I'm very glad you stopped by.

R. Renee Vickers said...

Very happy release day David! Wishing you lots of sales! :D

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Thank you, Renee!
And thank you for being one of the first to buy a copy of my book!
I really, really thank you for that.

Unknown said...

I love the whole idea! In awe of your take on this. :-)

Ren said...

Happy Release Day!!!
Happy Release Day!!!

Congratulations, David *hugs*

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Thank you, Ellie.
Looking forward to your contribution as well.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Glad you're here.
Glad you're here.

Hi, Ren.
You always make me smile.

Stephen said...

Cathie and I bought the book. Love it! I love the t-shirt designa s well. Keep up the great work - can't wait for what's next.

Unknown said...

The book sounds fabulous! And I ABSOLUTELY have to have that T-Shirt!!!

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Thank you and Cathie both.

Hey everybody, meet my son, Stephen!
Stephen... everybody.

You dropping in means the world to me.
Love you, son.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hello, Elizabeth.

Many thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I'm very grateful.

I'm glad I'm not the one deciding who gets the shirt.

Thanks again.

Jadette Paige said...

Oh, No, no, no, Dave, my friend. I'm leaving the honor all to you about choosing the wiener...I mean, winner.

I love it when I have you on board over here.

Thanks everyone for dropping!

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Nope. This one's on you, Jadette.
My son is my excuse now. Can't have me involved in choosing the winner when there's family involved.

Gotcha' on that one!!

Jadette Paige said...

Throws eyes at Dave.


Okay, I am going to let this post go until tomorrow evening. So if anyone wants a chance to win a T-shirt, comment and leave your email addy. I'll chose the winner tomorrow!

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Thanks very much for having me, Jadette. I really do appreciate it, you know?

Bobbi Romans said...

Am grabbing my copy in the morning. Can't wait to steal some time away to read.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hello, D.

Thanks very much for coming by! I really hope you enjoy my story. Looking forward to yours as well.

Shadow said...

Hi! Congrats on your release David! It sounds so good! Im so intrigued by your ladies. ;) Im sure this book is gonna be another winner! Thanks for sharing! Ill be grabbin my copy tomorrow. :D Have a wonderful week! Happy new year!

Lucy Felthouse said...

It sounds, and looks great! I have this on my Kindle and look forward to reading it :)

Lydia said...

Good luck, love the wicked title.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...


Thank you for stalking me here.
I'm always grateful when you comment.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hi Lucy,

Bless your UK heart. Thank you!
And thanks for taking the time from your promotional tour to stop by. I really appreciate this.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Thank you very much, Lydia!!

Sara said...

Am I too late? Hope not! I'll be getting this shortly; I'm not the biggest fan of zombies but a zombie lesbian looks rather intriguing! :D

Jadette Paige said...

Okay, loves, the spinning wheel stopped on Gabrielle Lee! So Gabrielle, I'm going to email you to get your mailing info.

Thanks so much everyone for coming out to cheer KevaD on!!!

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hello, Sara!

Thank you!
I do so hope you enjoy my story, and I really appreciate you stopping by.

Congratulations, Gabrielle Lee on winning the T-shirt!

Again, thank you all for taking the time to comment, and to Jadette for allowing me to play on her blog.