Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Night Games (Game Play, Book 2) HC Brown & KevaD

 My good friends, H.C. Brown and KevaD, has the second book in their Game Play series out today!  Be sure and check it out! These two are some fantastic authors.   Drop by Liquid Silver and pick up your copy. You won't be disappointed. http://www.lsbooks.com/night-games-p733.php

Strand one stuffy executive and his prize-winning Chihuahua in the Brazilian jungle. Add a handsome, sexy roughneck, and watch the hilarious night games begin.

Joe Harrison’s attraction to the young, handsome part-owner of Bowers’ Beautiful Excursions has become an obsession. His purchase of a sailboat, and need for a skilled captain, gives him the opportunity to spend some time alone with the elusive Dazz.

Although sailing a brand-new schooner through pirate infested waters isn’t Dazz’s idea of fun, his desire to know Joe more intimately overrides his caution.

Hijacked by pirates and forced to flee into the jungle, they must overcome all obstacles and fight to recover the vessel. Will their fragile relationship survive the bittersweet trials to come?