Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's in a Name - Rhianon Etzweiler

Black’s world is an amalgam of European cultures, prominently French, German, and British. This is because in Black’s world, the metro – named York – is the hub of a territory that spans the geographic regions those cultures and countries (as well as others) inhabited, once upon a time. On the streets, the Nightwalkers, street dealers, and the rest of the humans, speak a patois that’s a mix of all three and many others besides. It took a good bit of research and careful planning to give each culture and dialect some form of prominent representation – and role – in the story.

I decided on monikers that would translate easily, short names with equally simple meanings – or, as with Jhez, none at all. Among the humans of the street, York’s ruling vampire has a different sort of nickname –Le Gross, which has a variety of translated meanings depending on the mood and/or native language of the speaker. As many as there are languages in the patois. And every one of them is applicable to the vampire’s character, depending on perspective.

In “Blacker Than Black,” names are important – as labels of the roles each individual is playing. Because every last character upon the page is playing a role, be they vampire or human, lyche or streetdealer or Nightwalker. The world is a blend of cultural influences, coexisting alongside each other. It’s a world where humans have stopped fighting each other over what sets them apart, and joined forces to survive as one against a greater threat.

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