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CJ Black Souls Inflamed - Win Desktop Artwork - Leave a comment!!

I know writers aren’t supposed to play favorites but Souls Inflamed is special to me.  It was the first work I sold on proposal.  It also provided a challenge for my skill.  I was working with a deadline for the first time so I didn’t have the luxury – well I suppose you can’t look at it as a ‘luxury’ we all know writing is hard work!  Perhaps I’ll say the opportunity to take my time and arm wrestle my muse so she’ll do her job.

For the proposal I submitted the first three chapters of my work and a synopsis.  I already had the story itself planned out.  This was also my first try at a paranormal.  I actually hadn’t considered paranormal in the past but Myles and Demetrius were demanding that I tell their story (as characters often do) and I was happy to oblige.  I didn’t want to rush things, however.  Even when you’re on a deadline you’re still expected of course to turn in a well-written work.  You have to balance the amount of time you have with the writing you do.  And above all, don’t count the days and worry, I only have a week left!

I envisioned the two characters.  I wanted one to be the type of character that was somewhat shy and studious, I wanted a book lover, someone who appreciated delicate things but could kick ass when the need arose.  Myles fits that character.  Demetrius on the other hand is the strong and stubborn type, the true male lead but he has that gentle side that makes him want to take care of Myles, even though Myles is quite capable of taking care of himself.  Demetrius starts out as not so much a bad guy but when he first meets Myles he’s only there to get back a prized possession but after a while he sees past his own wants and needs and sees who Myles truly is instead.

I didn’t want one to be completely dependent on the other.  I was looking to create an equal partnership.  Both men have their own paranormal skin, although Myles looks at his as more of a curse.  He had a bad experience using his  power once and is somewhat wary of using it again.  Demetrius on the other hand is old-school, a long lived paranormal who is comfortable with his power and has no problem using them.  I believe this makes them the perfect couple.

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Title: Souls Inflamed
Author: CJ Black
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Publication Date: TBA
Genre: Gay Paranormal Contemporary


When Myles Bryce encounters Demetrius Jordan, the attraction is immediate and frightening.  The man exudes an arcane power even Myles can't fathom.  Myles himself is not quite normal, having the ability to manipulate the emotions of others, a skill Myles calls his insight.  Demetrius Jordan is an incubus in search of a prized item stolen from him.  When his investigation leads him to Myles, he’s shocked when Myles refuses to return his property. Demetrius senses Myles is different but he isn’t as much interested in that as he is in possessing Myles.  And Myles wants to be possessed by Demetrius.


I'm a multi-published author of erotic fiction novels and short stories,
usually M/M, in the contemporary, fantasy and paranormal genres.  I’ve been an
author for almost thirty years and got my start on an old typewriter at the age
of five and wrote my first novel at fourteen.  Starting with the mystery genre,
then fantasy, I wanted to expand my writing horizons and found erotica an intriguing
subject.  Probably the world’s biggest bibliophile I own three-hundred plus books. 
I’m an avid RPG gamer.  My other favorite thing to do is work in my garden (when weather permits) and am an amateur chef. Feel free to contact me to discuss writing anytime!

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