Friday, June 22, 2012

Blog Hop Manga and Romance - Contest/Prizes

What do you get?  Well, you'll be entered for the grand prize win of....check out the end of this post for the list of prizes.

If you comment here, be sure to put your email addy and I'll send out a copy of Blue Heaven to one poster.

Waves at everyone.  I am Jadette Paige. I write m/m fantasy/contemporary romance.

Why you ask?

I was a man in another life.


Don't look at me like that.

I happen to be very serious.

About four or five years ago, I played around with writing a m/m romance. Imagine the expressions (and comments) I received from my critique group when I posted a small (iddy biddy tiny - I blushed) section of a story.

They were like You wrote this???

Uh, yeah! What of it?

Oh, nothing, nothing, just can't see you writing M/M romance.

So to prove them wrong (human nature when you're competitive, right?), I set out to write a M/M fantasy romance. I finished and submitted it to a publisher. Two weeks later it was contracted. Verification? I think so.

From the very beginning of my writing career, I have told the stories through the male hero's pov. They come to me that way. Not the female's but the males. I'm comfortable in the male's POV. So was it a no brainer? I believe so.

My first m/m has received high reviews. You can check these out at Goodreads and on Amazon.

Blue Heaven

Take him from Heaven’s Seat. Bring him to me. We will protect his sacred head.

Stryver Zorti’s mission appears simple. Kidnap the Godchild and deliver him to his master. But with the first meeting of the holy man’s azure gaze, desire surges in him to strip bare the God and touch the man within.

Worshiped all his life, the Godchild is shocked by the stranger who dares lay hands on him, even if it is to save him from assassins. With a different name given by his new ally, Blue is freed from the constraints of the holy order for the first time. He revels in the extraordinary experiences opening to him, then in the passion that sparks between him and the hard-edged, oddly gentle Stryver.

But a god does not love, and if discovered, their precarious utopia will shatter, destroying any chance for a future together--that is, if the assassins don’t kill them first.

I love reading m/m romance and I adore writing m/m romance.

Will I stop because I'm a woman? Hell no!  Why? 


Cause I was a man in my previous life. And if Tite Kubo ends up killing off Yumichika or Ikkaku in this last story arc, I will be pissed! 

Jadette Paige


Scavenger hunt! 
Below is the list of links without comment sections and what I want you to find on each site.
·         Email me (hayley.b.james at gmail) with your answer.
·         Include "Blog Hop Prize" in the subject of your email.
·         An entry only counts if you email me the 1. site name and 2. the answer.
·         You can do as many as you want. It's one entry per site. (If you do two, your name is entered twice toward the grand prize)

Check back when the Hop begins to start the hunt!
Find me the name which appears on page eleven in the Spectre comic.

Find me what page TJ and Amal first exchange names.
(hint—chapter one)

Find me the link to Aarin Secret Yaoi Magazine.
(hint—this is on the main forum as a description)

Find me the release date of "Say Please" by Kano Miyamoto.

Find me the first written word on That Which Wills page nine.

The Prizes!

One ebook (7 in total) from each of the following authors: 
·         H.C. Brown
·         RJ Scott
·         Sara York
·         Shira Anthony
·         JR Loveless
·         Hayley B. James
·         Kerry Freeman

Two Yaoi Press titles.
·         Snatched Hero
·         Tender Master

Winner's pick of one Boy’s Love Bang Bang title:
·         Healing Music by Tatsumi Kaiya
·         Moon Centaur by Ayumi Sasaki
·         OverDrive by Koume Nakamura
·         Silly Gossip by Suzume Nogaki
Here's a list of other participants on the blog hop.



Yvette said...

This is a wonderful give-a-way and I am learning so much about Yaoi from the Blog Hop. I am a fan of M/M but a newbie to Yaoi. Thanks for all the input from the authors.

Tali Spencer said...

We're soulmates! I also have always tended to "see" romance through the male character's eyes. I write a lot of heroes. :/ Sometimes I think the best thing about writing m/m romance is I get to write two heroes!

Anonymous said...

I just love and empathize with men so much, so yaoi and m/m have always appealed to me. BTW, BLUE HEAVEN looks just drool-inducingly gorgeous!


Hayley B James said...

I can't always read novels set from a female lead's's rare, really. I prefer reading from a male lead's POV. It just so happens I'm the same with writing--I prefer to write a man. Funny how brains are wired.

Thank you for participating in the hop :D

H.C. Brown said...

I'm loving this blog hop

West Thornhill said...

I agree completely in regards to Yumichika and Ikkaku. Great post.

NightTempest said...

Ditto. I've always found myself 'thinking' more like a man than any of the girls around me. A lot of people find that intimidating because girls should think or act a certain way, but I'm comfortable with it, and as a writer of M/M, my 'inner man' works well for me. Male heros are a lot more complex in the emotional department than most female heroines I've read about--a few excluded--and I like bringing those different facets out of a guy because they become more interesting. No longer are they are hot body with no brain and a gun/sword. Boo. No one likes that. Thanks for sharing and I'll have to check out your stuff now!

~Night Tempest♥

Emily said...

I love Yumichika and Ikkaku! Yumichika just makes my day. He doesn't want anyone to see his sword cause it's not manly. And he's 5th because he likes the number's pretty. Oh, how I love Yumi and all of 11. Anyways, Bleach aside, thanks so much for participating, it's been a blast!!


amilyn said...

Wow... two weeks and first book published? Great job!

And I love the pic of Edward. ;)



booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed the post; it was a great read. I've added Blue Heaven to my wish list.

I'm a big yaoi manga and anime fan. I also love m/m novels, romance, mystery, fantasty, etc.

Two of my favorite yaoi manga are Junjo Romantica and The Finders series.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Krowhop said...

"I was a man in another life."

I am so glad that I am not the only one that thinks this. The first serious boyfriend I had looked a little like a 12 year old girl, and after dating for 5 years said I didn't have enough penis for him. Which is legit. Cause I don't have one.

Your post was very fun to read, and very 'real' if you know what I mean. It didn't feel like you were 'writing' but that you were hanging out, and speaking. Telling a story, but not lecturing. Well done!


Jadette Paige said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I've chosen a winner. It's Tracey D! Congrats! Hope you like Blue Heaven.