Monday, July 25, 2011

Inside Daniel - Treva Harte

I have been so busy proofing my next book and finishing up another – just like a real author is supposed to!—that I’ve almost forgotten this story. But Max and Daniel are difficult to forget. I’d planned to write a sequel to Maxxed Out, the first book in the series, and apparently I left a lot of questions readers wanted to know. That meant it was Daniel’s turn to let the spotlight focus on him.

And Daniel, although he doesn’t like to answer questions or talk much, is reliable. He wouldn’t want to upset people he cares about, so he was willing to let me check into his brain for a little while to write that second story. Sequels are hard for me to write -- each time I write one I’m closer to finishing up a world instead of leaving some loose ends for readers to follow. This sequel wasn’t as difficult as usual because I like these guys and they had a lot of relationship still to explore.
Inside Out 2: Inside Daniel by Treva Harte
Loose Id LLC

ISBN 978 1 60737 998 0
Novella - m/m contemporary


Max wants to move in with Daniel but Daniel is resisting. He knows they love each other and are meant to be together. He’s going to have to get inside Daniel to find out what’s wrong.


“What did you say?”
My hand was on someone else’s hardening cock, and my cock was bumping against the crack of that someone else’s ass. Yeah. My brain hadn’t fully caught up with my body, but my cock was hoping to get lucky. In other words, I was waking up with someone in my bed. I wasn’t actually processing anything but warm body until he spoke. But the confusion in his voice sped up my thoughts.

“Huh?” I said it very distinctly. Good job, Daniel. Soon I’d be able to do an actual word.

“You said something I didn’t understand.”

When the guy you’ve slept with all night says that, it usually triggers alarm bells. Especially when you have no clue what you muttered. I opened my eyes to a sexy young guy who was staring back at me. My sleepy brain cleared slightly. This guy wasn’t a hit and run. Hell no.

Max. Looking at him made me want to keep my eyes open so I could see more. It also made me want that body of his back again, tight against me.

“What’d I say?”

Max sighed and wiggled so his ass wasn’t as temptingly near. Damn it, even when I was wide awake -- which was starting to happen -- I wasn’t the smoothest talker. But this time it looked like I had messed up a chance for a morning quickie. Damn it.

“Not helpful, Daniel. It sounded like bona -- bueno…Matt something. Caress.”

Something about Matt? What the hell? More faint alarm warnings tickled my nerves. Then the light bulb went on.

“Italian? I was speaking in Italian?”

“I guess.”

“Buona mattina, carissimo.” I sucked in my breath.

“What does it mean?”

No way in hell was I going to tell him exactly. It was too embarrassing to admit in English. At least first thing in the morning.

I cleared my throat and tried to clear my head. “It means good morning and where the hell is the coffee?”

“I guess Italian is a true romance language. It sounded prettier the way you said it first.” Max stretched and scratched his balls. “You spoke in Italian a lot more when you were a teenager.”

I didn’t like to remember how awkward I’d been. Back then I was too big, too clumsy, and liable to lapse into my grandparents’ language of choice whenever I felt too big and clumsy.

Rather than talk, I leaned over and bit the tendon of Max’s shoulder. I knew what that did to him. He shuddered and sank back into the bed, facing me, but with his ass lifted up, his knees braced against his chest to give me a better look.

I didn’t even think about what I was doing when I smacked that tempting ass. But Max’s reaction was a sight to behold. His cock stiffened so fast it was a wonder it didn’t get whiplash. Apparently he liked that. A lot. Good to know.

My quickie had been rescued.

Treva Harte