Monday, January 31, 2011

Stormy Glenn - Her Cowboy Series

Aha!!  Today, I have the great pleasure of introducing a prolific author. If you shop around for a M/M Romance, odds are you will find a great selection with this Lady's name on them.  She's giving away a copy of Cowboy Keeper to a lucky person for commenting. Here's Stormy Glenn!!


Finding a story for a good 'ol country boy… I never know where a story will come from. It could be a song or a movie, a name, or even something someone mentions. It could even come from a cookie sheet, and has. So, when I was sitting with my husband one night watching reruns of "Dukes of Hazzard" and an idea suddenly hit me, I wasn't surprised. I just grabbed a notepad and started making notes. I wanted to write something about country boys in a small town. Okay, seriously, I wanted to watch that little orange car drive around on dirt roads with a hot guy behind the wheel… writing about Cade Creek was my 2nd best choice.

In my writings, I tend to lean more toward paranormal books for the most part. I like the ability to create anything in my worlds. Writing in a contemporary world where werewolves don't spot their mates on first sniff makes writing a story kind of challenging for me. There's not a single werewolf in this story. Just lots of hot cowboys.

I just knew this… I wanted something in the country involving a large close knit family. I also wanted action and a lot of hot drooly guys working hard, their sweaty bodies glistening in the sunlight, tight jeans encasing muscular thighs, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and the occasional set of chaps (pants optional).

Whew…um…oh right, the story…um… after deciding I wanted to create a story involving all of the above, then I had to decide exactly what kind of story to go with. I knew I wanted a series. I like writing series. I can bring in my characters from other books into new books, revisit them and see how they are doing.
At this point, I still didn't know what kind of story I was going to write, just that I was going to do a series set on a ranch in the country about characters in a large family. That’s where the Irish names came in. I have a dear friend that is Irish and she sent me to a website that had some wonderful names. It was the 2nd half of the beginning of my series. It gave me names where I could start creating the unique personalities for my characters. With each name, I started to see my characters come to life. Their stories started to form in my mind and on my cheat sheet.

Before long, I had to add the other characters that were not part of the Blaecleah family. To date, I have the stories planned out for four of the books. I know who is falling in love with who. The fifth one is taking a little longer to form in my head. Quiad seems to be a tad fickle about who he's interested in. I'm hoping by the end of the fourth book, he'll let me know.

So, characters have been created and named, location is locked into my head, the basic story ideas have been plotted, and the Blaecleah Brothers are alive and well and living in Cade Creek.

Cowboy Easy (Blaecleah Brothers 1) - Available now!
Lachlan Blaecleah never expected to find the love of his life in the middle of a street fight with two other men, but he knew the moment he saw Asa Miller that he wanted to get to know the man better. He jumps into the fight and becomes Asa's knight in slightly tarnished armor. 

Asa Miller is amazed by Lachlan every time he looks at the man. He's a walking talking cowboy fantasy come to life, complete with cowboy hat and boots. After being rescued by him and taken home for a night of debauchery at the hands of the sexy cowboy, Asa isn't sure what to do next. Should he stick around and get to know Lachlan and his large family better or run from the feelings the man invokes in him?

Before Asa can decide, someone else steps in to separate the two men, on a more permanent basis. Asa has to decide if what they have together is worth the heartache he feels when he almost loses the man he loves or should he guard his heart and lose his cowboy forever?

This new release is offered at a 10% discount for four weeks.

Cowboy Keeper (Blaecleah Brothers 2) - coming February 1st

Billy Thornton is a known troublemaker. He's spent the better part of his life doing whatever his brother Clem wanted of him from intimidating people to stealing from them. The consequences if he didn't were life threatening. Billy had spent more than one night healing after his brother got pissed at him.
The one thing Billy couldn't do was allow Rourke Blaecleah to be hurt. Billy had loved Rourke for as long as he could remember, even though he knew it was wrong. The only way he could deal with it was to do everything in his power to keep Clem away from Rourke, and that meant putting himself in harm's way more than once.

When Rourke corners Billy one night and kisses him, things come to head. Rourke realizes that the man he has been looking for all of his life is right under his nose. Billy finds that he might actually be able to experience what loving Rourke is like in real life and not just his fantasies. And both men realize that what they have found together has put their lives in danger because Clem is coming for them and he's not happy.

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Stormy Glenn
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Wow, Stormy! I love the way you think! The first book, Cowboy Easy, came out January 20th. The second book, Cowboy Keeper, comes out February 1st.


Bridget said...

Well I have to say: I love Stormy's writing. I pretty much became a fan with the Tri Omega series. Can't wait until Niko's book come out. I have since read pretty much all of your series. I have started your new cowboy series and instantly loved it. I knew there was a story behind Rourke. Can't wait to read it. Now I am on your Spaced Out for Love series. What can I say I just love your books. Oh and I also liked Assasin's Pride. Keep up the good work amd I will keep on reading.

AiboPals said...

I love the way Stormy builds a story, this new series is no exception, I have already pre-ordered and will be on Bookstrand refreshing when it is due to go live LOL, not that I am eager or anything MUCH!!!

Drea Becraft said...

I have yet to read a book by her but this one is on my TBB list. Thank you for the blog


Anonymous said...

I love to learn how someone creates these worlds in series so thank you for explaining! That it is for a series written by you is even better, I love reading your books. Now I'm even more curious what you came up with for the other three brothers after Cowboy Keeper!

Theresa said...

I loved Cowboy Easy and can't wait for Cowboy Keeper. All of Stormy's books are wonderful and I reread them all the time.

Theresa A

Unknown said...

Stormy - I really enjoy learning about how you create your worlds, series and characters. Thanks for sharing! I, too, have pre-ordered and can't wait for 1:00 AM EST tonight when the link goes live. LOL

LindaC said...

After almost a year and half, I don't remember which of your books I read first but I do remember hunting for everything you had published. Your books automatically go into my favorites collection on my rereader so I can reread frequently. Your new cowboy series is no exception. I eagerly await Cowboy Keeper. As a Dukes of Hazzard fan, it will be even more enjoyable knowing it first sparked the inspriation. Your work is much appreciated.

Jadette Paige said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Didn't you love the way Stormy described her method of creating her new cowboy releases! (I am a huge fan of the original Dukes of Hazzard.)

Marie said...

Stormy is one of the author's that when a new book of her's comes out I buy it that day:) I am really looking forward to her newest!

Bridget said...

I do love the way she came up with the basis for her series. That is why she is such an amazing author. I know it would not hit me that way. People often think it is easy to come up with stories, but it is a bit more complex than one would think. That is why I read and not write, LOL

BlueSmokey said...

Loved Stormy's Tri Omega series. I haven't started her new cowboy series yet but hope to soon. I have fallen behind:( It's always fun reading Stormy's books

Rachel said...

Stormy writes the kind of stories that you can re-read over and over, which I usually do, while I am waiting for her new books to come out and still love them. I have only been reading m/m for about 9 months and when I discovered Stormy's books, I think I bought all of them in less than 3 months. Yea, HUGE bill but it was absolutely worth it. You just cannot put the books down. Now, I pre-order all of her books and sit on pins and needles until release day. Love Ya Stormy!

the jo said...

Peering into the creative mind of a well-loved and cherished author was quite a treat! I have always thought that Stormy's mind works in mysterious ways....and now I know it does!!! *grin* Stormy, you may be the Queen of shifters and their mates but I find that I enjoy your "non" books just as much. This series started off with a bang and true to form will only get better with each brother's story...*grin*

Thanks Stormy for ALL the great reads!


Rachel said...

I love Stormy's books, I think I've read most of them, she's one of my favorite authors.

Loved Cowboy easy, it made me cried and I'm really fond of the books that make me cry, real sentiment there! Looking forward for tomorrow and the rest of the series, of course.

Tessypoo said...

I'm a BIG fan of Stormy's writting, I have ALL of her books and just drool when there's a new one abotu to come out. only complanit I have is she doesn't write fast enough lol, well I do need more of Stormy's books to read lmao.

Stormy, Thanks for sharing your gift of writting with your fans!


Brandi said...


Thanks for sharing your creative process with us. I loved Cowboy Easy (let's face it, I devour anything you put out) and have been anxiously waiting for Cowboy Keeper. Can't wait to download in the morning! Congrats on your upcoming release!


Kelly Cassell said...

There are very few authors who I buy automatically and don't even have to read the blurb. Thanks for sharing how your worlds develop and grow. And for doing so many series - I love seeing how everyone is doing!
P.S. The cookie sheets make me laugh every time. :)

Chris R said...


I LOVE series and I am always so glad that you write books in series.

Leni said...

Enjoyed the post. I'm always curious as to how authors come up with ideas and just what inspires them to write a particular story. Your post was very insightful and I'm looking forward to reading this book along with the others.

Rita S. said...

I love Cowboy Easy and I can't wait to read Rourke and Billy's story because their is something about Billy that I like a lot. Stormy is a great story teller and her books keep you wanting more, more, more.

Mesi said...

I fell in love with Stormy's Wolf Creek Pack series, then as an experiment I've read the first Tri-Omega book. I say experiment, because I didn't like M/M/M relationship-based books back then, but I made an exception, because I enjoyed the other one so much. The Tri-Omega series changed my opinion about 3-way love not being possible and became one of my favourite series, so Thank you, Stormy =)
But to change the subject to cowboys, this new series I feel is a little sweeter than the others. A little different, but the story and characters are still wonderfully written. Haven't ordered it yet, hoped there would be a contest....*giggles*
Hope you keep up the good work Stormy, because with each new book you create something incredible.
And also, Congratulations! on your winnings, you truly deserve them =D

Jadette Paige said...

I love it when so many loyal fans come out to let their fav author know how much they love their works! This is awesome. Thank you so muuch, everyone for stopping by. Stormy will be giving away a free copies of her newest release! Good luck to all of you!

Thao T. said...

I have pretty much read all Stormy's books and continually awaiting new books coming out to read. Love all your books so far. Keep up on your great writing.

bookreader54 said...

Well I read the first book in the Cowboy Series and really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one to come out. I love all of Stormy's books that I have been able to read.

Great job


Rain said...

I like the story of how the series came to be. Is there an orange car in the books? lol

Stormy Glenn said...

Hey all, thanks for all the wonderful posts. Glad you enjoyed my little creative journey. Jadette has been kind enough to pick #11 as the winner of a free eBook copy of Cowboy Keeper...
"BlueSmokey" if you would contact me at I will send you your eBook.