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Lissa Kasey - Inheritance

I've always believed the most relatable characters are the flawed ones. When I began the book that is now Inheritance it was five years ago and I worked in a call center with another girl who claimed she was a writer. We'd take short breaks and do fast writing, never taking much stock in what we began. I never thought that a lot of my flaws would wind up in that book, and that it'd be my first published novella.

One of those work-break writing sessions, I wrote four pages about a character in a bar who flirted with her boss. Yeah, Sei was female at one point. My co-worker liked the story and tried to add to it, but never got more than a paragraph further. Being stuck myself, I put it aside and there it sat for years.

Last year, everyone was talking about Nano, and though I didn't want to officially join, I did vow to write something. So I pulled out the old piece, cut out the bits my co-worker had wrote, stripped out the characters and re-profiled them, and out came Seiran.

Those who know me pretty well are aware of my anxiety issues, but even then, most don't understand it. So as I wrote the bits about Sei at lot of my issues became his. The idea wasn't really to show people what it's like to be a person with a severe anxiety disorder, that's just too different for everyone. The thought behind the story was really just to lay out the life of a kid who, just like each one of us, has issues. Sure he's good looking, has a hot boyfriend, and a rich mother, none of which I have by the way, but he's conflicted by the past that has shaped him. He's afraid to move into the future of the unknown.

The hardest part of this story for me to write really ended up being the romance angle of it. Since everything is through Seiran's point of view and he's so tainted, it's something he had a hard time recognizing. Sure the relationship was semi pre-established, but in the m/m genre people want the roots as well as seeing the relationship change and grow. In order to make that happen, Seiran had to recognize those feelings. Even now he only begrudgingly acknowledges them.

Once I'd finished the first book I put it aside and began writing a book about Kelly, who is a side character in Inheritance. Seiran, however, loudly kept coming through in that book. He said I'd made him say and feel stuff he wasn't comfortable with and then just cut off his time to work it all out. Which is how Reclamation, the sequel, came into existence.

The third in the series is about Kelly, and was much harder to write because he's just not as flawed as Sei is. Kelly had a good upbringing, sure he had some crap too, but nothing nearly as substantial as Sei. No matter our level of flaws, however, we all deserve to find that special someone who can put up with our crap. And as long as the boys keep talking to me I'm going to keep torturing them a little bit at a time. I guess being a sadistic witch is just another of my flaws.


As the only male studying magic in a female-dominant society, Seiran Rou’s life is already on a precarious perch. Then he finds a dead co-worker on his doorstep, and Sei realizes someone is trying to set him up for the fall. It could be anyone—including his own mother, a powerful witch and leader of the Dominion, the ruling body of elemental magic.

Sei’s only saving graces are his on-again, off-again vampire boyfriend, Gabe, and the mysterious Jamie, who wants to help him for reasons Sei doesn’t understand. They may be all that stand between Sei and the Dominion’s demands to control his magic. One man’s devotion could be the key to save Sei’s life and pull him back from the brink of losing his humanity to the magic he possesses.

Snippet from Inheritance:

I took a sip of the beer, but it tasted like minerals. All things did at that time of the month. Damn. I spit it out and poured the rest down the sink. A vent opening to the upper left side of the bar gave me an idea. The cover came off with patience and slow movement to keep it from clanking. Yanking off my clothes in a hurry, I piled the power of the absent moon into my veins and let the change come. Less
than a minute later I shook out my fur and leapt from the floor to the counter to the open vent. Thankfully, since my change was all magic, my size was that of a normal lynx, and not some man-sized mockery of one. Otherwise I would not have fit in the tiny opening and ductwork.

“I don't see the connection. Roman's been here for years.” Jamie was saying as I arrived at the other side.

“It's obvious. The papers have been merciless.” Gabe was pacing, something I'd only seen him do once or twice before. “Any other reason Frank might be dead?” He glared pointedly at Jamie.

“You think I did it?”

Gabe's raised brow asked the question. “Frank was hitting on Sei last night. I know how much anyone flirting with him irritates you.”

“I don't know what Frank's deal was last night, but he wouldn't have dared. Not with your claim. Besides, if it'd been me, you'd have never found the body. I certainly wouldn't have left it on Seiran's doorstep. It sounds more like something his mother would do.”

The thought made me shudder, which resounded like a loud thump in the vent. Turning to dash away, I prayed I'd get enough of a chance to break free of the metal cave and scurry away to avoid Gabe's wrath. However, he waited for me on the other side. Damn vampire speed.

He bravely held out his arms. “Come here, Sei.”

I backed further into the vent, cursing the dust bunnies that clung to my fur. I'd so need another shower. Jamie's smell came from the other side of the tunnel, like he was waiting for me to try going that way.

Come here.” This time the tone was undeniable. And it made me angry as my body moved without my consent. Leaping into his arms, I turned out my claws at that last moment, digging in deep. He grunted in reply.

Jamie stepped out of the office. “Got him?”

Had me, he did. Gabe's grip hurt probably as much as my claws in his arms and shoulders did. “Stop fighting me, and I'll let you change back.” Gabe dropped me to the floor. “Don't spy on me.”

I took a heavy swipe at Jamie, who held out his hands like he was innocent, before disappearing behind the bar to change back. The fur receded like water into my skin, smooth, easy, and mostly painless because of the new moon. I pulled on the borrowed clothes before rising from my hiding place. The shirt and sweats felt rough against my skin. The boots would not be going back on tonight. I raised a fist to punch Gabe for his trouble.

Lissa Kasey lives in St. Paul, MN, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, and collects Asian Ball Joint Dolls who look like her characters. She has three cats who enjoy waking her up an hour before her alarm every morning and sitting on her lap to help her write. She can often be found at Anime Conventions masquerading as random characters when she's not writing about boy romance.


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Loveless3173 said...

Loved the post.
I gotta say, I'm so glad you revisited this story and well... finished and cemented everything. I am so happy to have been able to read it. I love Sei, flaws and all. So glad he's finding his HEA. Even though there are still quite a few bumps to tread through.

eek! Really looking forward to Kelly's story and any future story in the Dominion series!