Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Minute After Midnight - Brita Adams

The story behind A Minute After Midnight

A Minute After Midnight is a story of making uncomfortable, yet necessary decisions and how they affect your life, even years later.

As a parent, my job was to make decisions for my children, up to a certain age, to save them from themselves and to hopefully teach good skills in decision-making. I wrote Reid and Logan's story with that in mind.

Sometimes life takes turns we don't expect and familial obligations stand in the way of our own happiness. Such is the case with Logan. Despite his and Reid's plans to make a life together away from the old hometown, life got in the way, leading to a fateful decision and then one more. All combined, the course was set and two lives were never the same again.

I've always been terrible at goodbyes and once I realized it, I've embraced that as a part of me. I allows me to stay in touch with what is really important to me, with the recognition that I never want to let it go, even for a few hours. I'm sure there's something juicy in that for those who'd like to examine it closely, but for me, it's okay. My father used to say I was tender-hearted and I am, many times to my detriment. 

The theme of goodbyes brought me to Logan and Reid's story. That combined with the anger of youth. With a fateful deadline imposed, a minute after midnight, Reid forced Logan's hand and clock began to tick off years of timeless desire.

What does one do when they can't have what they most want? Do you settle for next best, do you suffer or do you never forget what it was that brought you together in the first place? All these elements play into the story, with varying degrees of success.

I've always firmly believed that the heart wants what the heart wants. I've lived my life with that in mind and happily so.

The title for the story came in the course of the writing. Reid imposes his deadline on Logan and I knew that was what the book had to be called.

Fiona Jayde did a wonderful job interpreting my vision for the cover. When you read the book, you'll see how perfect it really is. Even the expressions of the faces fit the moment in the book when that scene is played out.

I believe in love, in all its incarnations. I believe that we are each meant for someone in this world. Sometimes it takes a little longer to realize where we truly belong.

Here's the blurb from A Minute After Midnight:

A fateful decision haunted Logan Chalmers for years. A high school reunion brings Reid Wright back to the old hometown, but will Reid even remember Logan or has he moved on to the bright future they were to share?

Following the rejection of the man he'd loved for most of his life, Reid moved away to seek his fortune. The hurt and anger allowed him to move on, but years later, only thoughts of Logan could bring him back for the reunion – that, and timeless desire.

Click here for an excerpt and to purchase A Minute After Midnight.

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Carol L. said...

I love the whole storyline in A Minute After Midnight. I really have to read about Logan and Reid and see what happens. Thank you for sharing. I love getting to know the Authors behind the book.That's what makes the Tour so special.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Amy S. said...

Great post! Both of your books have great covers and it seems the cover artist did a great job with the meanings behind both books with the covers.


Jadette Paige said...

Thanks, Ladies, for stopping by!

booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed the post; it was a nice read.

A Minute After Midnight sounds like a novel I'll really enjoy.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

shadow_kohler said...

Great post! I love the sound of your book! I have to get this. lol Its on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing!

Gabrielle Lee said...

I always love to hear the ideas behind books. It makes them all that more interesting.


DA Kentner said...

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CelticAmazon said...

(Drool) Gotta love those men.
Enjoyed the excerpt.

Brita Addams said...

Please forgive my late appearance. This week is a particularly difficult one for me as it marks the anniversary of my mother's passing. It's tough for me to think of anything else. :(

That said, I am so happy to see my friends stopping by. I do hope you'll enjoy A Minute After Midnight and An Evening at the Starlight.

Thank you Jadette for having me.

Much love to all,