Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Serena Yates! The Mistletoe Experiment

I absolutely love books involving magic!  Today, I have Serena Yates here and she's talking about her Mistletoe series and the magic behind them.  

I'm very excited about the release of the final volume of my Mistletoe Science trilogy on February 2, 2011. It's called The Mistletoe Experiment and tells the final part of a story that began with a Christmas novella in December 2009.

Back then, I was researching the ‘magical’ aspects of mistletoe for my story and got to wondering what would happen if a man with a totally scientific mind encountered the effect of the magic created when two people kiss under the mistletoe. Thus, Magnus Carstens was born. I made him a glaciologist, successful in his field and logical to the core. Making life a little more difficult for him already, and giving him an additional challenge, added Jakob, his orphaned nephew. Not knowing what to do with a child was sue to add some sparks to the story. As the third member of the team I came up with Lance Rivera, a man close to his emotions, able to make connections quickly, but hurt by past experience.

Originally, this was supposed to be one story. But, as often happens with my characters, they wouldn’t leave me alone. The ink on the first contract wasn’t dry yet and ideas started developing for a sequel – or two. Where the first book is all about Magnus and Lance developing a relationship (with the ‘help’ of the Mistletoe Phenomenon, of course), the second book tests that relationship to the breaking point. Both men are challenged to move outside their comfort zone and will only be able to reconcile their differences once they understand the Solstice Mistletoe Effect. Which made the final book a necessity: now that their relationship has been firmly established, we need to see them in action, defending it against external ‘attack’. And so the Mistletoe Experiment was born.

You can find excerpts for all three books on my website (, as well as information about where to buy the books. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I loved writing them.


The Mistletoe Phenomenon

Magnus Carstens, an eminent glaciologist, has recently had to change his life. He's become his nephew Jakob's guardian after the boy's parents died in a plane crash, he's taken a new job as a park ranger, and he's moved them to Mistletoe, Wyoming, so he can offer a stable home to Jakob while still contributing to science. There he meets Lance Rivera, a disillusioned physical therapist who is working in his sister's store to make a living after his lover took off with all their money.

When the two men come together--literally under the mistletoe--both realize all they really want, despite adversity, is a family to love.


The Solstice Mistletoe Effect

Lance Rivera and Magnus Carstens are settling into their new life as a family with Magnus's nephew Jakob. But Magnus's parents are not enthusiastic about his choice of life partner and try to separate Magnus and Lance while they vacation in Sweden with Jakob. The woman they think more suitable for Magnus is Sigrid, an ex-student who is his intellectual equal and has loved and pursued him for years.

Magnus seems oblivious, but when an attractive offer from the University of Stockholm is added to the mix Lance faces a crisis: What if Magnus chooses the new job and a life with Sigrid over the family he's started with Lance and Jakob?


The Mistletoe Experiment

Lance is on cloud nine. His lover Magnus has proposed to him, making Lance the happiest man on Earth, and they are planning to move their family to Sweden for Magnus's new job at Stockholm University. But when an old enemy resurfaces, followed by an unexpected new threat to their relationship, their new life in Europe with Magnus's nephew Jakob turns out to be very different from what they had hoped.
Will Lance and Magnus's love be strong enough to make their Mistletoe Experiment a success?



All of these sound wonderful, Serena!  Thank you so much for dropping by and telling us about these books. Wishing you best with all of them!

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