Monday, February 14, 2011

Maxxed Out - Treva Harte

I absolutely love the title of Treva Harte's book, Maxxed Out. I am so excited that she was able to make time in her busy schedule to guest today. It's Valentine's Day, so I guess my gift to everyone on this day of Love would be to introduce this very talented and wonderful Lady, Ms. Treva Harte. Maxxed Out – Treva Harte
When I was asked to tell the story about how one of my books came to be, I realized I was at a disadvantage. I tend to be absorbed in my story while I write it and then kick it out of the nest when I’m done. I’ll promo my story but after I write The End it’s out there on its own without me. In other words, as much as I can, I forget about my story after the final draft.

My last published story, Maxxed Out, was birthed pretty easily. One day I thought -- I love the classic theme of a younger guy’s romance with his older brother’s best friend. I dove on in. As usual, I knew what I wanted for the beginning. But then I hit the middle. Since I’m a pantser, I usually have problems there. I paused and waited for the guys to talk to me. After all, Max is a big talker. And I waited. Finally I got some whispers and I knew where to go with it.

I triumphantly finished...except I had, at best, completed a short story. Short enough for it to be difficult, if not impossible, to publish. No problem. That’s happened before. I write short, probably as a throwback to my high school journalism days. So all I needed to do was flesh it out. The fleshing out part is usually where I start hitting the complications I’d hoped to ignore in my first draft. (It’s like the first few dates where you think this relationship is going to be easy only to discover too late that no relationship is ever easy.) Even worse, I was writing another story at the same time – something I rarely have the writer stamina to do any more—and for an anxious few weeks I was dragging my heels on not one but two stories.

Anyhow, eventually I found the reasons Max’s lover, Daniel, didn’t want to talk to me much. He was more complex than you’d think at first and I had enough layers to make the story at least a novella.

As it turns out Daniel was complicated enough for me to start a sequel, so I’m currently talking to the guys again. Now it’s like those relationships where you think it’s not worth the effort, break up, and then you realize it really is and you go back.

I hope the guys send me some chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Maxxed Out Blurb 

Max knows his family and friends aren’t sure what to make of his moods and impulses. But he’s in college now and ready to show them he’s grown up and ready to make mature choices. At least he’s ready for a serious relationship and almost ready to tell his family he’s gay. He could use a little help, though.

With his loving big brother gone forever, who is left to ask for help? Daniel Rocco, his brother’s best friend and his longtime crush, of course. Daniel is solid and reliable--the opposite of Max. But for some reason, Daniel seems terrified of what Max might do next.

Maxxed Out - Loose Id

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Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Happy Valentines Day....great blog
*sending chocolate your way*

Jadette said...

Awww, thanks Abigail! I wouldn't be able to have such a great blog if authors like Treva wasn't here! She's a gem.

Treva Harte said...

I am such a bad person for commenting so late -- but I did get some chocs for the big day.

And thanks for having me.

Penny Brandon said...

I'm always so late getting to read blogs. But I'd put this on my list to look at and then lost the list. Anyway, I loved the book, and can't wait to read the sequal.

Love the guy on your page, Jadette.