Friday, February 25, 2011

Everyone loves a juicy behind the scenes expose. So brighten up your monitors folks as I’m giving you an all access backstage pass to the stories behind my Perfect Love series.

I've always thought that everyone deserves to find a perfect love, and this series explores five themes that look at different way of achieving that. It’s more than the characters sexuality though. In The Perfect Union, you have a young mother who finds love with her best friends as she moves forward from the grief that encapsulates her life after the death of her husband in war. His Perfect Partner is the story of two men, strangers, whose lives converge though their passion for justice. Capturing Perfection is the tale of two foster brothers who have loved each other since a time they understood what that meant, but before they can share that love with each other they must work through challenging mental and physical obstacles. Simply Perfection examines the lives of three men. Who as individuals are strong, but as a unit find they can conquer anything. And The Perfect Balance, is the story of one woman’s journey of new beginnings after escaping an abusive relationship and the two men who through their love for each other and their woman discover what it means to finally find the perfect balance.
So you want to get inside my head, and know what I was really thinking as I wrote each book? I fear that would take up several blog entries, and most likely make you question my sanity. However, I’ll try to give you a few glimpses into the corners of my mind. I won’t go into detailed accounts of how I developed each character, but instead point out that throughout all of the books we learn a little more about each individual and how they grow as a person with the help of their partners and the relationships they have within this close group of friends.

A big part of the theme in The Perfect Union are the detailed Irish elements that are threaded throughout the story. This passion not only lives in the characters, but in me. They say in America that everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, but I was raised to not only embrace my deep seeded Irish heritage, but to take pride and acknowledge it everyday.

The opening scene in The Perfect Union actually came to me in a daydream. You can’t help but hear about those who have lost loved ones due to military conflict. Unfortunately it had been a fact of life for many generations. So I got to thinking what comes next? How would a young mother move forward from the tragedy of loving a husband? How would she teach her children about a father they never knew? And when life does go on, how would the family of the fallen react? These are all questions I wanted to explore, and although I recognize that there are infinite answers, my goal was to portray one scenario and of course show how Rick, Conor, Calleigh, Brandon, and Michael build a family together.

Next in the series was His Perfect Partner. I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for crime dramas. CSI, NCIS, Bones. You name it? I love it. So when I sat down to write Ethan and Ryan’s story I wanted to branch out and explore the world economic espionage-something of which I had absolutely no idea what I was getting in to, but turned out to be a lot of fun and educational. Ethan’s character was I think truly my main focus. I had this idea in my head of who Ethan was, and as the title implies I wanted to conjure up a man who would not only find all of Ethan’s little quirks adorable, but also have a genuine desire to share their lives together. The good, the bad and the ugly.
Capturing Perfection was inspired quite a bit by my every day job. I frequently see veterans, and hear their stories both of their experiences in combat and how it’s affected them afterwards. Writing about characters who have worked their entire lives to overcome abusive childhoods, only to find their road to happiness blocked by mental disorders such as PTSD and physical disorders such as profound hearing loss was both extremely emotional and healing. It gave me chance to provide for those I see suffering on a daily basis a true happily ever after, even if it was only in a fictional tale.

Simply Perfection was inspired by just about a little of everything. My love for the arts, my fascination with music, movies and architecture. These three characters in a way exhibit the different sides to one person’s personality. You have Matt who outwardly is very confident and professional, but inwardly is insecure. Trevor is an independent young man, who has a deep need to stand on his own two feet, but finds once he accepts his love for both Matt and Niall and their love for him, he actually becomes a stronger person. And Niall represents humanity’s ability to examine the world from a place of quiet reflective study, and then use our individual talents to show the universe our interpretation of life.

Last but not least we have The Perfect Balance, which is scheduled for release on March 21st. This book is technically a prequel to the series as we have the chance to meet Calleigh before her first husband’s death. The main characters are Miranda, Vic and Chase. So many men and women reach a point where they ask themselves “Is this what I want for my life?” I wanted to write a story about trying to find your way after you’ve asked this question. I think it’s a nice addition and perfect closing to the series.

So I’d like to take these final words to say thank you to each and every one of you who have enjoyed the journey of these characters and their stories with me. It’s been a fabulous experience, one in which I’ve learned quite a lot and I hope you have as well.


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judiebabie said...

I loved all the books in this series, and I can't wait for the next book to come out! You're an awesome author, Trina.

Jadette Paige said...

Thanks Judiebabie for stopping by!