Wednesday, September 14, 2011

KevaD - Catherine's Toys

The concept for the gay serial horror romance, "Catherine's Toys," arrived during a sleepless night of regretting that extra piece of anchovy pizza. I figured if I could be that miserable, why not share my misery? That's how the pizza parlor scene in "Catherine's Toys III" evolved anyway - too much pizza, not enough Prevacid.

Yes, though this serial is titled "Catherine's Toys," this is a story of gay men. Albeit very odd men. Very odd men with more than a vein of insanity and sadistic glee… and a love of sex. Lots of sex. Very odd sex in fact. Which, if you think about it, only seems natural – odd men having odd sex. Obviously this is an oddly odd story.

"Catherine's Toys" the serial is an erotic farce about insanity, sex, and turning psychotic fantasy into reality. Each of the installments is designed to take the reader on a journey into the twisted chasms of a mind, culminating with an ending in "Catherine's Toys IV" that I didn't even see coming.

"Catherine's Toys II" is due for release on September 19th by Noble Romance Publishing - - Cat III on October 31st, (Halloween), and the final chapter, Cat IV sometime in November.

Casey loves Catherine.
Catherine loves toys . . . lots of toys.
Only her toys all live and breathe.
Catherine's promised to find Casey a toy of his own.
From there it gets complicated. Very complicated.

Catherine sucked in all the air her lungs could hold, and then a little more. Without exhaling, she interlaced her fingers and roughly rubbed her knuckles. Her right knee shuddered, then twitched incessantly.

"Damn it," she hissed, her frustration mixing with her breath.

She reached down to the hem of her dress and massaged the white nylons over the errant pulses beneath her skin. If she couldn't control her body on this side of the door, how could she ever hope to on the other side—where he waited? At the thought of him naked on the bed, her nipples hardened and pressed against the polyester knit of her uniform. She scrunched her nose, flared her nostrils. The old material was coarse, and if she didn't do something quick, the hard nubs on the tips of her breasts would be rubbed raw in no time.

"In or out?" she whispered, then giggled like a school girl who'd been caught staring at her first crush. In or out? That was the question to be answered, but she'd never know the answer if she didn't open the damn door and walk into the damn room.

Gritting her teeth, she vacuumed air into her chest. Saliva vibrated under the onrush.


She snapped a look to the right. The yellow call light above the door to the next room had come on. Shit. The time on the debate clock had expired. Someone would respond to the patient's needs. Another giggle bubbled up in her throat.

Her patient had needs, too. And it was Catherine's intention to satisfy each and every one. She pushed down the door handle, sighed a stream of heated anticipation, and walked through the point of no return. The door clicked closed behind her.

"Good evening, Mr. Andrews." Her voice sounded foreign, so not her own, too Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday, Mr.President. The tips of her ears burned. Focus, Catherine. Focus. Don't lose it now.

Her left foot moved forward, followed by the right. She glanced down. They were still her feet clad in white shoes with white laces, but she hadn't told her feet to walk across the room. Another step, and another. A rustle of sheets pulled her gaze to the bed.

James Andrews turned his gorgeous his head toward her.Catherine's feet stumbled and stalled, her body swayed against the unexpected stop. His thick brow lowered; perfect lips parted.

"You new? I haven't seen you before." One black eyebrow arched.

A shiver clattered down Catherine's spine and tightened the muscles in her ass. He'd spoken to her, and his voice was rich, deep, and filled with curiosity about . . . her. His words emboldened her. She walked briskly to his bedside.

"Fresh out of school. First night." She smiled, not too broadly, not too demurely. "I'm Catherine." Words coagulated in her throat. She pushed a ball of air against the catch of nerves. The sound of a bullfrog on a lily pad barked out of her. Embarrassment pummeled her face.

A muted chuckle passed through his smile. Polished teeth gleamed against the midnight hue of his skin.

"Nervous, huh."

Catherine nodded slightly. The muscles in her ass wrenched and pulled her butt smack into her sweating groin. "More than you know." There's an understatement if ever there was one.


DA Kentner said...

Hi Jadette,
Thank you for allowing me and my weirdness to hang out here for a while.

Ren said...

I totally enjoyed it!
You should eat more pizza late a night lol

Gillian Archer said...

Maybe I should try some anchovy pizza! Congrats on the release(s), KevaD.

DA Kentner said...

Hi Ren and Gillian,

Thank you!!
I really appreciate you both stopping by.

Jadette Paige said...

Anytime, love!! Anytime.

Amber Green said...

This is deliciously twisted.

DA Kentner said...

Thank you, Amber!
Heh, heh. =)

Michelle said...

Hey KevaD. Great Post

DA Kentner said...

Hello, Michelle!!
Thank you for taking the time to drop by.
Hope to see you at the Noble's September release party.

S.D. Grady said...

I love seeing into the twisted...uh...mind of a writer. I shall have to embark on the study of the effects of the dark chocolate...I'm willing to sacrifice! Congrats on the release :)

DA Kentner said...

Hi S.D.,

Time to fire up the Fondue.
Melted dark chocolate for the strawberries, and barbeque sauce and hot mustard for the little hot dog thingies.

Lillian Grant said...

Sick and yet strangely compelling...the book looks good too KevaD :)

I wish you many sales.


DA Kentner said...

Hi Lillian,

I talked to Hugh Jackman yesterday. He didn't mention you, so apparently your secret's still safe.

Cherise Sinclair said...

Wow, this looks like so much fun! Great excerpt and congratulations on the release!

DA Kentner said...

Many thanks, Cherise.
I appreciate your stopping by and commenting.

Billi Jean said...

Congrats DA!

This sounds like a must read! :)

billi jean

DA Kentner said...

Thank you, Billi Jean!!
I appreciate you saying that.

kbcutter said...

I, for one, love the twisted story arc Catherine's toys. We need more off beat, provocative tales. Kudos, David for thinking out side of the box, not on it. Unless there is something surreal going on inside.