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Highest Bidder Kimberly Hunter

To those who know me best, my love of all things Japanese is no surprise. So writing a M/M romance with Japanese elements didn’t make them blink an eye. But what none of them know is that I got the idea for my book THE HIGHEST BIDDER from one of my favorite yaoi anime called Okane ga Nai. For those who haven’t watched this anime, the basic premise is a Japanese college student gets sold by his cousin to pay off the cousin’s debts and a Yakuza business man buys him. A good premise, but I wanted my story to be more. A lot more. I also didn’t want it to resemble fanfic in any way. This was to be an original story from my own imagination. And it worked.
For months, I tossed around ideas and different scenarios. Then one night at work, it came to me. Human trafficking, drugs, an American college student, a Japanese business man, Interpol, a psycho bent on revenge, and plenty of secondary characters to keep the action going. Only thing is, this was supposed to be a short story. No more than 10 or 15k. But give your Muse an inch and she’ll take a mile. By the time I finished this story, it was way over my original mark. I was more than happy with the outcome though. And really, after it was finished, I realized that there was no way I could have packed all that into a 10 or 15k story.
This book released back in March to a plethora of different reviews. Most have been on the negative side, but that’s fine. The story is good and I love the characters I created. But the one’s that were good have the same question. Will there be more? Yes, there will. I left a few unanswered questions with just this purpose in mind. I know it may seem like there are plot holes, but if I wanted to put everything in the book that I had planned, it would have been over 200k. LOL! So chopping the book up was the only way. Plus, I could give the secondary characters their own stories while tying up all the loose ends I left behind in the first book.
 I have books planned for all the team members, the twins especially, and a follow up for Renji and Trey with a few surprises and a return of one pissed off senator. He’s been very vocal about getting his turn, but I really don’t think he’ll like what I have in mind for him.


Getting kidnapped was bad enough, but when Trey Morrison gets sold off to the highest bidder and drugged to boot, well, he knows that his day had just gone from bad to worst. Or has it?
 Going undercover to take down a madman, Renjiro Takeda has rubbed elbows with the world’s vilest men. But spotting Trey on the auction block makes him throw all caution to winds and buy him. 
Little does he know that his new purchase will set into motion a chain of events that neither him nor Trey will be able to escape.
It’s a life or death situation for the new lovers and winner takes all.


         Grabbing both of Trey’s wrists, Renji pushed himself back. His breathing was choppy and a monster erection strained against his zipper.
“We can’t.”
“Why not?” Trey tried to break free, clearly wanting to finish what he started.
He jerked him a little to get Trey’s attention. “I won’t take you like this, hana. Your first time should be on your own terms, not because of some drug.” The endearment slipped out without any thought, but it felt right. Hana, the Japanese word for flower.
Blinking, Trey shook his head, eyes going wide. “God, Renji, I’m so sorry. I…I’ve never come on to a guy in my life. I don’t know what’s happening. I’m…I’m…”
“Shhh.” He gently pulled, gathering Trey into his arms. “It’s all right, I’m going to help you through this. But I meant what I said. I won’t take you like this. When we make love, and I promise you we will, I want your responses to be real, not drug induced.”
Trey angled back a little. “You want to make love to me?”
“More than you could possibly imagine.” He groaned as he leaned in and gave Trey a sweet but thorough kiss. When he finally pulled away, they were both panting and Trey was writhing in his seat, eyes nearly black with need, cheeks flushed. His beauty was enough to take Renji’s breath away. Flower indeed.
“I’m scared, Renji.” Trey’s body was trembling with, no doubt, a combination of fear and arousal. “I’ve never felt so out of control, so needy. I want…God, Renji, I want so much.”
He held Trey tight as his tears made wet tracks on Renji’s bare chest, Trey’s quiet sobs enough to break Renji’s heart. “I’ll take care of you, hana. Trust me?”
Trey took a deep breath and nodded, pushing away slightly to wipe the tears from his pink cheeks. “Yeah, oddly enough, I do.”
“I’m glad.” Renji wasted no time, picking Trey up and carrying him to the stateroom, one of the perks of having a private jet.
“You’re going to throw your back out hauling me around like this.”
“Hardly.” Renji chuckled. “Besides, you feel good in my arms.” He placed a tender kiss on Trey’s sweaty brow then walked over the threshold to the bedroom and a king-size bed. There, he gently placed Trey on the red satin comforter and pillows.


         Hmm, about me... Well, not too much to tell. I was a reader before I ever became a writer. I live in a small town in North Carolina with my hubby and our extremely spoiled German shepherd. My son is grown and out on his own. I write erotica, paranormal, futuristic, contemporary, and m/m. Stop by my website for updates on what I’m working on next.

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