Tuesday, May 15, 2012

H.A. Caine Second Time Around

Second Time Around, was a joy write for me. There was no reasoning, no important event that inspired me to write it.

This short story more than anything else I've ever written is full of myself.

The bakery is the dream bakery I hope to one day open. And Jamie, well Jamie's Jamie. He's unique. But he's also me.
I wanted a light, fluffy, fun story and I decided Jamie was going to be it. His style is all me. From his hair to his shoes. His personality is all him.

I have a best friend like John and I used our bond as the basis for theirs. To me, friends are the most important thing in the world. You're born to your family. Your friends, you choose.

Matthew and Clark are like none other. There is an aspect of their relationship I would like to mention but it would give away a major part of the story. All I can say is that they remind me of my middle brothers. And that is where their connection to my reality ends.

All the minor characters are like skittles to me. None of them match, they all stand out and together they are so yummy!

In the future, I might extend this story and make it longer. Maybe give a few other characters their fifteen minutes in the spotlight.

Second Time Around is meant to bring a smile to your face. While I hope people get a few laughs, that's not the point of this story. It is shameless fluff!

Just the way I wanted it.

I hope you all enjoy it.


Jamie lives with his straight modeling best friend of three years, John. He’s finally achieved his life long dream of opening up his own bakery and John throws him a party. There he meets Matthew, co-owner of the Home Improvement shop across the street from his new bakery. They hit it off.

Only there’s one problem. Matthew is possibly straight and theres a 90% chance that he thinks Jamie is a woman!


"Who was that guy I saw you talking to? He looks a bit familiar." John's voice was casual but the quick glances out of the corner of his eyes were anything but.

Resisting the urge to laugh, Jamie looked back out the passenger side window.

"Matthew. Him and his brother run the Home Improvement store across the street. Didn't you invite him?"

"Oh, yeah. He seemed nice, but I could've sworn his name was Clark." John sounded confused.

"Maybe you mixed up their names?" Jamie provided helpfully.

"More than likely. We only talked for about a minute." Jamie caught the quick glance John tossed him and so he wasn't surprised by his next words. "Sooo... does he know you're a guy?"

Even expecting it, Jamie couldn't have stopped himself that time, even though he tried. He burst out laughing, slapping his palm repeatedly against his naked thigh.

He knew John was serious and, in all fairness, the question really was a legit one. Still, he couldn't help it.

"Stop laughing." John muttered, trying not to chuckle himself as Jamie continued to laugh, a tear squeezing out the corner of his eye.

Trying to breath deeply and get himself under control, Jamie giggled. "Sorry, sorry." he apologised when he could open his mouth without laughing.

John shook his head, the corner of his mouth tilting up in a small smile.

"So does he?"

He bit his lip. The more he thought about it, the more he was certain Matthew had no idea he was a guy.

Which meant the man was straight. And he'd only flirted with Jamie because he'd thought he was a girl.


He heard a sigh beside him. "He doesn't know, does he?"

Jamie shook his head in the negative. "I don't think so."


Slumping down in his seat and crossing his arms over his chest, Jamie let his head thump against the window pane, deciding that was exactly what he felt like.

Author Bio

H. A. Caine lives in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York. She has hopes of becoming a great writer and one day opening her own bakery. She even has the name and layout already decided. Among other writing projects she's working on her very own first series, Boys in Love. The first book, Letting Go, will be available later this year.

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~Ley said...

Aww... *huggles Jamie* Don't worry, he'll love you anyway! :D I need to read this book. *starts counting days...*

Ashley E

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Great blurb. I can't wait to read this.

Tracey D