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CJ Black with her Rain Play

First I want to thank Jadette Paige for this second opportunity to present information about my work.  It’s a pleasure being here!

Ai Press is a young but up and coming publisher of erotic fiction.  My professional relationship first began with my short-story, Rain Play, a M/M contemporary romance.  Rain Play was originally a piece of flash fiction that was submitted to an online contest.  It didn’t make it and at first I thought there probably wouldn’t be a market for it  but as with many stories, not just my own, the characters, they demanded that their story be told.  I felt that there was more to Zach and Mark.  I felt they needed greater development.

So I sat down and decided how better to flesh out the characters and their story.  Maybe tell a little bit about their journey together and how it started.  The original story was just one of the love scenes written in the overall work.  Zach and Mark already had their relationship going.  So how they got there was important as well.

And of course every story needs conflict.  This allowed me to delve deeper into the personal lives and the past of both my characters.  I think the end result was quite good but don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself and tell me what you think!  Here’s a nice blurb and excerpt for you.  Enjoy!

Title: Rain Play

Genre: M/M Contemporary
Price: $1.99
Purchase URL:


Zach Wilder has to content himself with lusting after Mark Davis from a distance. His sexy co-worker is already involved and Zach is no home-wrecker. Mark spends most of his time in whispered cell phone conversations with his boyfriend. Zach is nothing more than an eavesdropper until Mark’s relationship ends abruptly, leaving Mark heartbroken and available. Zach steps in willingly and gives Mark the comfort he needs…

One taste of Mark and Zach is hooked. However, Zach quickly learns his new lover has interesting…tastes…of his own, a side that pushes boundaries Zach has never before breached. Is Mark worth overcoming his limits or will Zach just take the memory of that hot encounter and go on his way?

Excerpt (contains graphic language):

Some kid came out the complex door, carrying a box. He struggled to load it into the back of the truck. The guy behind the wheel didn’t make a move to help him. I suddenly had an uncomfortable feeling that the kid had to be Mark’s ex. I thought, Really? This dumb kid actually left Mark for a complete asshole?

The kid went back inside. I was like, Damn, now what? Mark hadn’t told me when to come. So what was I supposed to do? I guess I was crazy. I got out of the car and headed for the building.

I didn’t have to be buzzed in, which was good. I walked up to the fourth floor and as soon as I stepped out of the stairwell, I heard the voices.

“Why the hell are you drawing this out? Just leave, all right?”

 Mark’s apartment was 4B. I could see the door was open as I walked down the hall. I got a good view of what was going on. They were both in the living room, standing and facing each other.

“I’ll go when I’m damn good and ready. You’re going to hear what I had to say.”

“Why would I want to hear anything you have to say?” Mark demanded.

“Because you need to hear it.” His ex shot back. “You need to know how hard this is for me.”

“For you, you son of a bitch?”

“I’m letting you down easy, aren’t I? I’m the one who’ll look like the bad guy. You shouldn’t be such a bitch about this.”

I couldn’t listen to this bullshit any longer. I knocked on the doorframe.

Both of them turned to me. Mark looked surprised, then embarrassed, and the ex looked pissed.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Normally I would have backed off. I don’t like confrontation as a rule, but looking at Mark, seeing the tears in his eyes and the flush on his face, just pissed me off to hell. “I’m the fag who’s going to smash your face into a wall if you don’t get the fuck out, you little asshole.”

I’d never seen a guy turn three different colors in such a short time, first green, then pale, then red. A sight to behold.

He turned and strode past me, taking care not to get too close. Guess he thought I was going to do something to him.

“Zach?” Mark’s lower lip trembled.

“Hey.” I went to him and put my arms around him. “Are you all right?”

He blew out a breath. “I’m sorry you had to see that. I’m glad you’re here.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I kissed him. It wasn’t anything kinky, just a quick peck on the lips. I just felt like he needed it. I led him over to the couch and sat him down. “Is all his stuff out? He’s gone for good?”

Mark nodded. He blinked, and the tears ran down he cheeks. He didn’t look as though he realized he was crying. I hated to see him that way. Then I thought again, What the hell?

I didn’t know what he wanted but I thought I knew what he needed, and right then I didn’t give a shit that he was on the rebound. I knelt and reached for his belt buckle. He didn’t look at me at first. The tears had dried on his face and he was in his own world, staring at the far wall. I figured at this point I didn’t have anything to lose.


Now, I’m currently working on another novella for Ai Press, Crave The Dark, which has its own backstory as well.  Like Rain Play, Crave The Dark started out as a short story, originally a straight heroic fantasy, not a contemporary as it is now.  The characters were very different.  I can’t get too deep into it right now because I’m still working on the story and I have to keep some things a secret!  But I think my readers will also be pleased by the results.

I made the changes I wanted and submitted the work.  At the time it was about five thousand words if I recall.  And like Rain Play, it was merely a moment in the lives of the characters.  After turning it in, I received an intriguing e-mail from the editor, would I be willing to expand upon the story?  I took this as a challenge, one that I was determined to take on.  So far, it’s going quite well, although I had to make some changes, including the name and character traits of one of the heroes.  I’m hoping to have it completed by the end of the month, so keep an eye out!

Want to hang out with me sometime?  Here’s where you can get in touch with me.  I’m always willing to talk shop.

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Jadette Paige said...

Hi CJ! Thanks for guesting! Love the cover of Rain Play and the excerpt was great. Hugs, love!!

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