Monday, October 3, 2011

Here's Em Woods and Flying High!

Hello everyone! First, I would like to thank Jadette for having me here to indulge my inner narcist. I do love talking about my boys…a lot. *grin*

When Jadette invited me to talk about one of my stories, I immediately wanted to talk about what the Story Orgy has coming up this month! And of course, I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to Tate and Cain from my blog story, Flying High. You know us writers, we can pull a story from anywhere…and this one came from this picture right here… 

I can’t decide if it’s sexy or…humorous. LOL.

Either way, Tate was born, and I nearly fell over myself trying to get his details down. Shifter (definitely!), the only one in his family that looks like he does- black hair, black eyes, muscular. Friendly but not trusting right out of the gate.

Can’t you picture it? That poor little butterfly shifter all on his own…(yeah, right). Imagine my surprise when Tate Palmer turned out to be a Halfling…with his dad being a Fae tribe leader. *sigh* Of course, they’re from California originally but our darling Tate has now moved to Michigan and started his own business there. He is trying to deny the infinitely dark side of the Fae that causes him to lose control, preferring instead to enjoy his butterfly heritage from his mother’s side.

Cain Howell is a local, rare lynx shifter who just wants everyone to leave him alone…until he nearly takes a bite out of Tate when he playfully nips at a passing butterfly. The lure of the tiny shifter is a shock to Cain but he’s willing to see where it leads. And while they don’t rush into the mating bond, they are given a hard shove by Tate’s dad when Cain is kidnapped. 
Tate and Cain have to find a way to calm family turmoil, solidify their bond and keep the Fae Leader from showing up on their own doorstep unannounced. Can they do that and stay in one piece? We’ll have to wait 
and see, won’t we? *grin*

I must admit this story is a little out there, even for the shifter realm, but I think these two are telling a spectacular story. Here is the best part…you can find these guys on my website right now as part of my Story Orgy Monday blog posts! 

I know you’ve heard of us, right? The Story Orgy Group… Em Woods (that’s me!), JR Boyd, Hank Edwards, Havan Fellows, Lee Brazil, and Jade Baiser. We take a variety of prompts (sentences, dialogue, words, pictures) and write a story every Monday for that prompt. Talk about a challenge! But if you ever want proof that no writer will write the same story…come check it out. You’ll love it.

Sometimes it is paranormal (the whole month of October!), sometimes contemporary or romantic suspense…but it is always M/M romance…and always on Mondays. J


A gentle breeze buffeted his skin, lifted him higher over the field where he was stretching his wings. The grass was long, reed thin, void of any wild flowers for him to enjoy. Sure, it wasn’t his first choice of a home, but it would do until he decided to migrate south. If he went.
Like other Monarch butterfly shifters, Tate Palmer hated the cold winters but this year he might just tough it out. He had invested in the local florist shop when he’d first arrived so that he wouldn’t have worry about finding steady work. Simply because his parents assumed he would only last a couple months without them, didn’t mean he had to prove them right.
He was half Fae after all. Stubborn was a way of life.
Tate drifted down, letting the wind carry him closer to the woods that bordered the northern edge of the open land. Ooh. A glimmer of yellow caught his eye and he angled to get a better look. As he neared, he realized too late it was a reflection.
Two reflections.
Shit. He shot upward as the animal leaped from its crouch, its jaws open partially, snapping at him.
Fluttering like mad, he regretted not having better control over his magic. For sure if ever there was a need to curse a cat’s balls off, nipping at an innocent butterfly was it, right?
Heated breath buffeted him from the right. He doubled his focus and energy, sending himself sailing toward the sky with strong strokes of his wings. Once he found himself over the tops of the trees, he slowed, calmed his racing heart.
What kind of animal was that?


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Anonymous said...

Nice blog Em! Can't wait to read Flying High. :>)

Robin Covington said...

Hello Em Darlin'! You know I love Story Orgy Mondays - the only way to start the week!

LB said...

I love this story! And Em! <3
And I am totally laughing here cause the captcha word I got is frack... lmao

Em Woods said...

Thanks guys!! I'm glad you all are enjoying the story and came over to say hi!

LB... mine is gallst. WTH? LOL

(And another big thank you to Jadette for hosting!)

Jadette Paige said...

OMG! It has been sooo crazy over here. THANK you, Em for guesting! Anytime,love, anytime!!