Friday, January 7, 2011

Dogged Pursuit: Guest Berengaria Brown about her Torquere Books Release

Today, I have the very special pleasure of introducing Berengaria Brown. She telling us about her new release, Dogged Pursuit.  If you love were storys along with M/M, then be sure and check one out.


I was thinking about writing a Halloween story and a hunky werewolf stepped into my head and started talking to me. Excellent, I thought. Perfect for Halloween. Nothing could be more appropriate for Halloween than a hunky werewolf romance book.

Dwyer told me all about how difficult it was to be a werewolf in regular society. About the need to run especially on full moons. About not having the normal paperwork everyone else has simply because he’s two hundred years old. He told me about his job as a limo driver.

All this was fine. The book was taking shape in my mind.

He told me how he longed for a mate. Awesome. I write romance stories, this could not be better.

He was so sincere he almost had me in tears feeling his pain. I was ready to write his story.

Then he told me he was gay and that werewolves could only mate as a male and a female. But he longed for his mate.

Tears were dripping onto my keyboard. How could we ever give him his happy ever after?

Fortunately, in the nick of time, the perfect man appeared.

But then more things went wrong.

“Dogged Pursuit” blurb

Dwyer is a two-hundred-year-old werewolf currently working as a limo driver. He’s enticed by the scent of a man he has to take into the city. The man’s smell overwhelms him and calls to him “mate”. Yet he thought only a male and a female could mate and he is gay.
Nelson is equally attracted to Dwyer and the two spend a very hot night together.
However their second date is on Halloween and Dwyer is really struggling to keep his wolf under control. Nelson’s scent is giving him a permanent hard-on and his wolf is demanding to be let free, to bite and mate with Nelson.
Their new  relationship is derailed by a group of wanna-be vampires robbing an elderly couple and the elderly couple strongly believe Dwyer is their pet dog come back to life, because it is Samhain.
How is Dwyer going to get himself out of this mess? And what will Nelson’s reaction be? Can they possibly have a future together now?
Berengaria Brown



Thanks so much for sharing how Dwyer and Nelson's story came to life.  It sounds wonderful.


Berengaria Brown said...

Thank you for allowing me to take over your blog, Jadette

Jadette said...

My pleasure, Berengaria! Wishing you best with Dogged Pursuit. I know I'm adding it to my TBR list.

Jason said...

sounds awesome! I'm adding this to my wish list!

Jadette said...

Hi Jason! Thanks for stopping by.

Berengaria Brown said...

Hi Jason
I'm glad you liked the interview. Nothing beats a yummy werewolf.